- 2003 CONCERTS -



The New Deal

Umphrey's McGee

Reid Genauer

A big thanks to everyone who came out and partied their collective asses off at Waterloo this past Saturday despite the rain.
All the bands stepped up and provided us all with some memorable moments. Reid stepped up and played an amazing solo show.

Umphrey's improvised and went acoustic, which blew everyone away.

the New Deal flat out played the rain away.

What can be said for moe. and their family.
We have never seen a band step up and make a show happen like they did. Despite the weather conditions, moe. made it very clear that they have many dedicated family members out there who want to rock out, and they were going on and playing a full show regardless. That very clear statement, set the tone for the rest of the day, and made everything else possible. moe. followed through on that statement and rocked Waterloo to its core. From the moment they opened with Meat, you knew they were not there to mess around. They sat through the rain, same as the crowd, they knew what needed to be done, and they threw it down. We at Create A Vibe cannot thank all those who came out, the Staff, and all those who played enough.

If it hasn't been said before, we are all moe.rons now.

Much love, we look forward to the next show!

Send us some pics of the show and we will post them here!




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